Traveling Memory Lane #SOL #Day21

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Being back in Columbia Kentucky for my uncle’s funeral has brought back so many great memories. Driving on what used to be gravel roads and reminiscing about our childhood visits to this place that I once thought I’d move to when I grew older.

This place is small but beautiful. My grandma Ebilene lived in the country on Wheet road – yes the road named after our family. Don’t ask about why most of our family spells it Wheet and we spell it Wheat. I think my dad just changed it – a story to find out more about later.

The pictures of my uncle also stirred up great memories inside of me. Oh how we loved to visit.

Walking down the street with no one in sight and cruising from the square to the Speedway gas station was what we did for fun. Well that, and then eat – always lots of food – Everyone loved to cook a good meal and visitors meant even a BIGGER meal.

Mom so loved coming down here to see her family and my dad’s family. Though my dad and her were divorced, they always welcomed her with open arms and loved her dearly. She found peace when she would visit and though those visits lessened she would talk about her sister (who has also passed) and our cousins and everyone else.

This morning as I was thinking of mom I looked over at my dad and he was eating M&Ms. I had to laugh and realize no wonder us girls love our sweets. Mom would have a milky way in the morning with a diet coke and dad, well, M&Ms. It made me smile as I thought about the favorite sweets my grandma would make – her famous butterfinger cake and oh, how my half sister loved the cake with the pink icing. Sweets are a thing in our family and I’ve had to learn to put control measures in place- I only do sweets for breakfast on special occasions 🙂

Going down memory lane has brought me joy yesterday and today. Not looking forward to another funeral in such a short amount of time but holding my loved ones close to me right now, in this moment, and every moment.

One thought on “Traveling Memory Lane #SOL #Day21

  1. I am so sorry this happened. I try to find comfort in the fact that the feelings I feel are a result of the strong memories and relationship I had with my loved ones.

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