Halloween #SOL22 #Day22

Dear Older Sister,

Do you remember how mom loved Halloween? Not just Halloween but all the holidays. Yet, she so loved seeing the kids get dressed up (and us when we were younger) and go trick-or-treating. She loved to dress up to – she didn’t do it every year but most years.

Do you remember when we were really young, and she made the huge kettle of spaghetti and acted as though it was brains as we and our friends placed our hands in there blind folded.

Do you remember bobbing for apples at that same celebration?

Do you remember all of the decorations mom would put up and if she couldn’t find them she would ask us to take her to buy more?

Do you remember the smiles, the laughter, the scares, the fun?

I do. I remember so much and so glad I have you, sister, to remember all the things about mom together. Her absence has brought us closer.


Your Younger Sister

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