Spring #SOL22 #Day20

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. As I sit here, listening to the key strike of my writing, I hear the birds chirping in the background, serving as my music this morning. The sound of these amazing creatures bring hope and newness – signaling that the winter is almost over. The cycle of life brings both beauty and sadness to this world.

Mom always loved the spring. She looked forward to being able to pot her geraniums outside on the front porch – but not too soon because you knew there would be a frost still – let’s be real – it’s Indiana.

She would anticipate sitting outside more in her fold up chair with her coffee, early mornings, just enjoying the weather.

She loved listening to and looking at the birds (but don’t let them come near her because that she did not like). Her favorite bird, the hummingbird brought her joy. I remember how much she loved her time at the nature center at Holliday Park – watching the birds and spotting hummingbirds. I had planned on taking her this past year but life got busy. I wish I would have slowed down and made that happen.

She loved to celebrate – Easter, my sister’s birthday, and Mother’s day – all in the spring.

She was excited to be able to grill out and enjoy hamburgers and hotdogs. Oh- and macaroni and cheese – not on the grill of course!

Spring brought her such joy and as I sit here I have a new appreciation for it myself. I relax inside my house on this chilly morning thinking about all that I have to be thankful for and all there is to look forward to with spring. I sit here, feeling the thoughts my mom would have had if she were with me right now at this moment. I sit here loving spring just a little more than I used to love it knowing that all the newness will bring joy during a particular rough time in our families life. Rough times are inevitable. It is the cycle of life. So how we greet those rough times is what matters – how we say hello to the part of life that hurts the most recognizing there is still more life to live and more love to give.

One thought on “Spring #SOL22 #Day20

  1. Wow, I was surprised by the deep turn your piece took. You have such a gentle writing style, I was enjoying birdsong and considering the cycle of life, and your mother’s death- so obliquely told, took me by surprise. This then becomes such a special piece of writing. Even though you have sadness and regret (the hummingbird visit postponed until it was too late) your piece expresses loving acceptance. And shows it by how you appreciate spring even more, because of your mother’s example. So glad you shared this.

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