Care-Free Day #SOL21 #DAY30

Waking up at 5:15 am while away, with no plans at all but to fill the day with joy brings anticipation for what might come.

Turning on the local news as background noise was just the start. Slowly, pulling out the computer and trying to connect to wifi to do a couple of small tasks and then write was up first. The clicking of the keys so early in the morning made me smile. For once I was writing at my preferred time of day – when my brain is fresh and when I do my best thinking.

I wrapped up my writing and made took time to make some oatmeal. I savored each bite as I started to see what Hulu might bring into or lives. Then I found it, a show my friend recommend, A Million Little Things. I started watching and realized Monterry would love it too. I stopped. He woke up. I fixed him some oatmeal and we started the series over so we can enjoy it together.

Time for a run you say? Yes. We headed to the fitness studio where we were staying to only find it closed. Running outside it would be. We didn’t map out our run – we just said lets go two miles down third street and then come back. That two miles brought us to the Freedom Park monument where the history of African Americans in Louisville is shared along with the struggle for freedom. We literally ran into the monument. It’s why I love running in other cities – it’s the best way to explore and you never know what you may find. Mapping out a run works too but sometimes it’s just fun to run and see what you discover.

We finish our run, shower and head to lunch. It’s silent on the fourth street – a street that is usually packed with people. As we walk, we recognize this stark difference from when we were here over a year and a half ago. The pandemic has affected all cities and it was noticeable. Though not being busy made us feel safe as we walked down the street with our masks on, we couldn’t help but be sad and wonder when revival of cities will happen, when will life come back and will we be ready for the crowds again?

As we ate, we made plans to head to Waterfront Park. Not sure where we were going yet followed the GPS to get there. We found an open space with so much to offer and thank goodness restrooms were present. We then walked across the quarter of a mile bridge over the Ohio River. Breathtaking views and solace. More people on this bridge walking than anywhere else. Felt the need to be distanced from others – something we never would have thought about pre-pandemic.

As we walked back we decided ordering pizza and having the drinks we brought with us would be the best evening celebration for us. Just the two of us together – no worries in the world.

About 6 miles later we were back at the Airbnb apartment, turned on the TV, ordered the pizza and just enjoyed being together.

For someone who is always planned with so much to do, having this care free day and just rolling with where it took us was the best thing ever. Our anniversary couldn’t have been better. The stress of work was not there. The need to be there for others was not there. The tiredness that I usually feel mid day was not there. Just the joy of two people who love each other embracing the time together not thinking about anything else. Days like this are something to treasure and therefore wrapping it up with the words in this post just made all the sense in the world. I can’t wait to come back and read this years from now. Not eventful just joyful and that’s what matters in life.

4 thoughts on “Care-Free Day #SOL21 #DAY30

  1. I love your post. I had a gentle and relaxing time reading it! I feel like we have all learned to love life without plans. I’m almost hesitant to go back to making them. I really loved how you ended your piece, “Not eventful just joyful and that’s what matters in life.” This is a huge truth!

  2. It sounds like a going-with-the-flow kind of day. The phrase “not eventful just joyful” really resonates with me these days. Enjoy your break, and happy anniversary!

  3. With skies that blue, it was destined to be a great day and it sounds like you made the most of it. Thanks for bringing me along on your getaway to a new to me city. A perfect break in routine.

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