31 Days of Writing #SOL21 #Day31

Not every day was great

Some days were hard

Yet the computer managed to be on my lap 31 days this month

Yes I used it for work, but also each day to write

The clicking of the keys each night and sometimes during the day


It happened 31 days straight

This seems almost miraculous to me

A habit has been born and though it may not happen daily in April

It will happen more than it did before

I have always loved to write yet I let other things get in the way

The Slice of Life Challenge has made me stop and write each day

Thankful for the push that SoL gave for me

And looking forward to the words that have yet to hit the page

3 thoughts on “31 Days of Writing #SOL21 #Day31

  1. I really enjoy reading something and knowing that the form in which it is presented helps land the impact in a perfect way. You finished strong here doing exactly that. Congrats on making it happen and ending on such an up note!

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