6 weeks… #SOL22 #SOL Day25

6 weeks, yes 6 weeks.

6 weeks without calling you

Talking to you

Hearing your voice

Seeing your smile

Feeling your warmth.

6 weeks you’ve been in heaven

flying above

looking down on us.

6 weeks you have been able to see the beauty

of our love

and us see yours.

6 weeks we’ve been separated

Far from one another

But close in our hearts

6 weeks is too long, too much, and too devastating.

It is reality.

It is life.

It is grief.

It just is.

6 weeks, today, Friday

Every Friday hard.

6 weeks. Yes, 6 weeks.

4 thoughts on “6 weeks… #SOL22 #SOL Day25

  1. What a difficult anniversary. Your poem so strongly conveys that loss. (And the ornament is lovely–I love that photo of it that you included–“Now she flies with hummingbirds” is such a beautiful perspective.)

  2. I so relate to your loss – been a hard 2 years for so many of us, and not just COVID related. Your lines,
    “6 weeks
    you have been able to see the beauty
    of our love
    and us see yours,” such a lovely way to portray the vital connection. Wishing you strength born of love and fond memories.

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