Our trip together #SOL22 #Day18

Do you remember when you flew on the plane the first time (and the only time)? We were on our way to Disney World. I had won a trip through a contest that Channel 4 had and we went – for free! It was my first time to ever fly but not my last – I have flown a lot since then but you didn’t.

I don’t remember a ton about the trip but I do remember us being there together. I remember the rides vaguely (you loved the teacups), yet the memory that stands out the most was the breakfast we had with the Disney characters and they signed an autograph book that I had.

You were having so much fun and you took pictures of me with the characters. I was in 6th grade – probably too old to be loving it but I did and I knew you did so it made it all that more special.

We spent time together and you did everything for me on that trip. I hope we find the pictures and they help me remember that trip even more.

Oh how our memory fades but love becomes stronger with time.

2 thoughts on “Our trip together #SOL22 #Day18

  1. This is a beautiful little piece of writing. The detail of the teacups pulled at my heartstrings. This picture too, stirs emotions. Thank you for sharing.

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