Love you so much #SOL22 #DAY17

Sometimes I wonder if I shared with my mom enough just how much I loved her. I used to see her a lot but when my job changed and I started driving every day for my job I stopped going to Franklin as much as I used to go. She would text me and ask if I was coming down that weekend and I loved when I could say yes and I always felt badly when I would say no. She would always say I’d love to see you but I understand.

I hope the last few times I went down she could feel the love – shopping after Thanksgiving, Buffalo Wild wings, Greek’s Pizzeria, Hobby Lobby, Noble Romans, PET scan at the hospital, El Pueblos and the hospital room. I hope that my love shined through how tired and worn out I was when I visited.

I hope she felt the love. I know she felt the love. I could have said it more and have learned to say it more to those I love who are living now. Saying I love you is one gesture but showing I love you is what is most important. Both are necessary.

Love you mom.

One thought on “Love you so much #SOL22 #DAY17

  1. Sweet and heartbreaking, at the same time. I always worry I’m not saying it enough as well. I’ll bet your mom knew.

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