Food. I Love to Eat! #SOL21 #DAY27

Food. I love to eat. I think this comes from my southern roots where fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, biscuits (not just plain biscuits but biscuits with brown sugar smothered on them), mashed potatoes, and more were on the menu when visiting my grandma Ebilene and the rest of the family in Kentucky. We loved getting together and eating.

Food. I love to eat. I think it’s because when I’m stressed, it becomes a comfort for me. For some reason, if I munch on some chips or I grab a few cookies, I automatically feel better. It just seems to melt my stress away.

Food. I love to eat. I think it’s because sometimes I just want to have something to do while I’m working or while I’m reading or while I’m watching TV. The act of munching on something while doing something else just brings me joy.

Food. I love to eat. I wish I didn’t because I have very little control. If it tastes good it’s like I have a bottomless stomach and just keep on eating more. And that doesn’t always make me feel good. It makes me feel sluggish. And I know this but I still do it – but why?

Food. I love to eat. Transitioning from eating foods that taste good to foods that fuel me so that I feel good has been a focus of mine the past 6 years. I’ve learned a lot so that I can still eat yet make better choices than I did in the past.

Food. I love to eat. And though I know what to eat in order to feel my healthiest self, I still sometimes don’t want to make that right choice. I sometimes want a treat. And so, yes, I sometimes have a treat.

Food. I love to eat. I eat in order to live a life where I feel healthy and strong. I eat to be around those that I love. I eat to drown away my sorrows. But most of all, I eat to live. I love to eat. Food.

4 thoughts on “Food. I Love to Eat! #SOL21 #DAY27

  1. Yes! Yes to almost all of this (although I have never had brown sugar on biscuits), I loved the way that your repetition allowed you to elaborate on the many aspects of your relationship with food.

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