A Luxury, Hot Water #SOL21 #DAY23

Hot water.

Taken for granted.

It turns cold.

What happened?

Check the pilot.

It’s out.

Try to light it.


Going old school.

Boiling water.

Washing hair in sink.

Whatever it takes.

Such a luxury, hot water.

Waiting for the plumber to show up.

The day inconvenienced making all meetings hard.

Plumber rings the doorbell during a meeting.

Stress rises.

Water heater temporarily works.

Pay for short term relief.

Replacement is necessary.

Thankful for savings.

A luxury we cannot (well do not) want to live without.

6 thoughts on “A Luxury, Hot Water #SOL21 #DAY23

  1. It’s funny how much we can come to appreciate things like that in a short amount of time! I’m glad they could put a temporary fix in place.

  2. One inconvenience leads to another! Hard to prepare for these things, but it sounds like you are appreciating what you have (or… had!). Good luck, and thanks for the reminder!

  3. Oh my goodness. “Washing hair in sink” flashed me back to old memories that I’d forgotten I’d created! We can make do, but… MAN, it’s nice when we don’t have to. ❤️ I also like how you wrote this line by line. It made me think of drawn out thoughts when I have to figure something out.

  4. What a hard start! In my apartment I have to remember to turn on the water heater 10 minutes before I want hot water and sometimes I do not have that time, so I know well what that cold shower feels like. Glad you will get it fixed soon, sorry about the hard start to the day, the interruptions, and of course the cost. I really felt you throughout this poem.

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