The bags of my life… #SOL21 #DAY22

The bags of my life share a glimpse or what it is like to be me…

Let’s start with my purse – the dainty or sometime not dainty handbag that carries my wallet, my phone, my checkbook, my lipgloss, my mirror, and a few other things. I don’t carry this daily – mainly on the weekends. Why? Well during the week I carry my…

Backpack – this houses my wallet and keys during the week as well as my laptop, my iPad, any books I’m reading right now and my writing notebook. This goes to and from work with me daily. I would feel lost if I didn’t have it.

But then, there is my gym bag – the bag that holds my stinky clothes after a workout or my clean clothes beforehand. I have not used this bag in over a year due to COVID because I’ve been working out at home. I kind of miss my gym back because it represents the workouts that I don’t have with others right now.

Let’s not forget my dissertation bag. Yes this was a thing when I was working on my dissertation. I carried books and my writing all over – I kept everything in the bag that I needed to make my trips to Paradise Cafe, Panera, McAllisters, or Noodles and Company – all places that I loved to go to read and write. A stage in my life that has past but I do miss it (and I miss Paradise Cafe greatly).

Then, my luggage to travel which represents what my husband and I love to do – visit new places! We want our bags to travel around the world with us.

Oh I almost forgot my run bag. Yes, this is different than my gym bag because it is specific to my run shoes and run clothes and for running not the gym. It holds my run belt, headlamp, and other items that I count on when running outside. It is important to have ready to go – always.

And of course shopping bags. Sometimes I remember to take bags with me to use to put my groceries in; other times I forget and have to use the plastic bags that the grocer or myself pack and then keep for reuse.

And then, there is a bag I have never carried – a diaper bag. My husband and I don’t have kids so the bags that we don’t carry share as much about us as the ones we do carry.

I’m sure there are a many more bags that could be described and would share or not share something about us.

So next time you pick up your bag realize that it says something about you.

3 thoughts on “The bags of my life… #SOL21 #DAY22

  1. This slice resonates with me so much. I, too, have many bags. I love how you bring out that bags can tell about you. I have a cancer bag. It went with me (stuffed with all my records, snacks, and always a book to read) to every appointment. I still have that bag packed with all of my medical information, but thankfully I only have to use it every six months for my routine check ups. Thank you for stretching me to think of such a creative way to think about my identity…bags!

  2. Love this! And learning more about you from the bags in your life. I love Paradise Cafe too. I used to go there when we went to Portland. We don’t have any near us.

  3. Oooh, I have a bit of a weakness for bags (not fancy ones, but I seem to always “want” another bag…), so this post really spoke to me! I love the way you detail each type of bag, its purpose, and your feelings. I think I could write a lot about why I have so many bags and how many different purposes require different bags. You are right- the bags we do not have say a lot about us too (I have no gym bag or run bag…).

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