Blind Trust #SOL21 #DAY21

So much of everything we do in life causes us to trust others, without even knowing them. As we move through our day and from day to day, we depend on others that we may never meet. We have blind trust.

Every time I leave the safety and comfort of my own home, I am trusting others.

I trust the cars that drive by each day – not knowing who is driving or where they are going.

When I enter a restaurant, I trust the chef, the server, the other people in the establishment.

When I hop in an Uber or Lyft or Taxi, I am trusting someone that I do not know.

When I step onto an airplane, I am trusting the pilot, the stewardess, the people that surround me.

When I go to they gym, I must trust that everything is clean.

When I go shopping I trust those that are shopping next to me not to take something that is on me.

You see, we walk through this world trusting others – depending on them, without always even knowing it. This blind trust is the way that we are able to live in a world that brings so many challenges and is seeped with injustice. It’s the way we are able to live in a world without always being fearful.

Yet when that blind trust is broken – it is hard to recover. It is hard to walk through this world in the same way. When tragedy hits due to the hands of those we didn’t even know, we start to whither away and walk into the world being more critical; with heightened awareness; and with more fear.

My 42 year old self has definitely experienced that brokenness whereas my younger self had only been hurt by those that were closest to me – it wasn’t until I got older that I started recognizing the ways that I had trusted those I didn’t even know due to that trust having been shattered.

Life will excite you but it will disappoint. It will bring you joy and sadness. It will make you laugh and make you cry. And blind trust is a necessity in life so that we can live it fully yet also it can be the one thing that ends life as we know it.

4 thoughts on “Blind Trust #SOL21 #DAY21

  1. Your post has so much wisdom in it. All the ways we trust those we don’t know is why I don’t understand the anti-vaxxer crowd. I really enjoyed reading this and wish I’d thought to write in this vein.

  2. I like this post so much I hardly know where to start. Content. Expressiveness. Structure.

    My visceral reaction — it tastes great. By way of explanation, I seem to have an odd sort of synesthesia (for lack of a better tern), not hearing colors, but tasting words when they are well written.

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