Our Song, Our Words…

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Music… it’s a universal language, right? Think about how we all connect to the rhythm of a song or the message it’s trying to portray. Think about how it is empowering to sing along and say the same words, and with all of your heart – mean it! Music tells a story. Life is about telling our story. And within our story, guess what, words matter.

I’ve reflected a lot over my years as an educator on what we say and how we say it. The power of our words is far beyond our understanding of what the power truly is like. I’m sure you are thinking, what does that mean? Well, think about it. You sing lyrics to a song. Over and over and over. Those lyrics have meaning yet do we really understand the power of those words from the talented artists that created them. Probably not. Those words come with history. Those words come with experience. Those words come from the heart. It is hard to replicate what we can’t understand, yet what if the power of words allows us to do more? What if the power of our words allows us to create a new identity? What if the power of our words leads us on a different path?

Guess what? I believe it does. My next series over the next few weeks will deal with the power of our words. First, I will look at that power in education. Then I will look at it in various other areas of life. My world is about using words and language to help others believe in who they can be – who they are and who they will be. My world is about creating conditions for others to build a strong and positive identity about themselves. My world is about kindness, compassion, love, excitement, and more. My world is influenced by my words and the words of others. I look forward to digging into “semantics” over the next few weeks. Yes, it may be something others laugh at, but to me our words are life so how we use them matter. We create our own song through our words.

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