One little word… or more?

As I’ve read through my twitter feed, I’ve noticed many posts at the beginning of the year where colleagues, friends, professionals, and more have been sharing their “one word” for the year – a word to focus on for an entire year. A word that is remembered day in and day out to help find focus. A word… a word… a word…

Then, in a meeting the other day, someone asked me – why does it have to be one word? Why only one? I gave a response and moved on yet am wondering the same thing now. Why just one word? It could be a phrase? It could be multiple words? Or it could be one word? So, because I’m having trouble choosing and in life I tend to focus on multiple things at a time, I am choosing more than one word. I have three:




Why these three? Really, it’s because I can’t choose which one I want to focus on most. All three have meaning to me and all three will help move me forward this year as I work with others. Also- I like things that come in threes. My mom used to say “all things come in threes” – typically she was referring to bad things – you know, “when it rains, it pours.” Yet, I like to perceive it as the glass half full – you know the positive side. So when we say all things come in threes, why not the good? Of course my choices could be seen in a negative way by some, yet for me… these three words are what I need to remember to continue on this journey called life where I continuously grow myself and hopefully influence others.

Word #1: Simplicity.

I recently read Regie Routman’s, book Read, Write, Lead. She discusses the importance of simplicity and shared a quote from Steve Jobs, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Powerful. If we live more simply, lead more simply, we gain so much more. Makes sense? So what does simplicity mean to me? It means clarity. It means plain/natural. It means being easy to understand. By thinking about simplicity in my life, it means being true to who I am, communicating well with others, and working toward finding clarity in the work I do, day in and day out. Simplicity means that I am living a life that holds my values at the core – everything I do connects and means something in relation to what I believe. Simplicity means I do not let the negative energy keep me down, instead I take that energy and use it differently. Simplicity means that I work toward living simply – keeping relationships at the heart of why I do what I do.

Word #2: Time.

So… time. Whenever I enter a meeting and we are discussing a to do list or asking what do you need, time is inevitable mentioned. When I’m working out with others, we are talking about needing more time to get it all in. We I am talking to my sister at a family gathering, we discuss not having enough time to do it all. Well, in reality, time is all we have. It is how we use that time that matters. I’m hopeful to look at the word time differently this year and instead of saying I need more time, I want to ask the question, “How am I using my time?” I want to think about prioritizing my both my personal and professional life and I want to work toward my “why” (a future blog post) through my decisions on how I use time. Next time you hear me say I need more time, kindly remind me that time is all we have. It will be that gentle nudge I need to move forward.

Word #3: Vulnerability.

Awwwww! Vulnerability. This can be scary. In fact, some think it is not good to be vulnerable that you have to always seem like you know what your doing, yet I’ve learned in life that people love you for you and it makes you more human when you can show that you are learning too; that you make mistakes too; and that you are a work in progress. We do not strive for perfection, we strive to learn and grow. It’s through these experiences that we become a better person. Even those experiences that are undesirable challenge us in ways that make us who we are. It’ show we respond. I want to see vulnerability as an asset. I want to channel Brene’s Brown’s words from Daring Greatly. I want to live a vulnerable life. Though this is something I think I do both in my personal and professional life, I want to continue to keep it at the forefront. By being vulnerable I am challenging what I know now to come to new understandings later. By being vulnerable I hope to influence others to be vulnerable too.

So, how do these three words work together for me? Well, living simply will allow me to utilize my time effectively/efficiently and assist me in being vulnerable. Focus is key and these three words intertwined give me that focus.

Now I do realize that the “one word” movement has meaning so by using three I am not trying to denounce the meaning of one word. It is powerful. I just now have “three” powerful one words.

There you have it. My first blog post that I also hope emulates what these three words mean to me. Simplicity in what I choose to write about, carving time to write, and being vulnerable to put my words out there. Looking forward to growing my writing through blogging and sharing ideas with others. Happy writing and until next time…

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