Marco Island… Our timeline :-)

We were so ready to get away – especially since Monterry lost his mom in January and I lost mine in February. It was a lot all at once and then – added grief came with the passing of my uncle. I also had fractured my foot and was in a boot – causing limited mobility and no working out (which is my stress reliever). So when we got on the plane and headed to Florida we couldn’t get there soon enough.

Our flight landed and we rented a car through Hertz. We were on the road in a jalapeño color Nissan Sedan.

45 minutes later we arrived at the Airbnb on Fairlawn Court. It was amazing and we knew at that moment that we would love our stay. We walked through the huge house and then admired the pool. We knew we would spend a lot of time in the hot tub and pool. It was perfect. We then made a run to the store and came home to order Joey’s pizza and watch TV. I can’t remember what we watched yet we laughed together and enjoyed pizza and beer. I ordered a large pizza – note to self it was TOO much yet we had leftovers all week. Next time we order from Joey’s we will go with a small and New York style for something different. Yes, we will return at some point.

Tuesday morning we started with the hot tub and then the pool and then…

Our good friend Tosin arrived that afternoon and we chatted for a bit. She spent the evening at the house while Monterry and I went to dinner for our anniversary. We were celebrating 9 years. We went to an Italian Restaurant, Da Vinci, and it was amazing. We sat outside; I took off my boot; and we enjoyed the sun and our food. We were visited by a small lizard for some short entertainment. Just spending time together was the best anniversary gift. We finished our food and drinks and then left. It’s hard to believe that we have been together for 9 years and 9 years ago we were in Marco Island for our honeymoon. That’s why we came back.

Wednesday, March 30th I woke up and sat outside by myself. I did this each morning – enjoying the time when no one is around and feeling mom’s presence during this time. She loved to sit outside at home and when on vacation. We had more hot tub and pool time and then went to the store to get some things for the cook out that night. Our friend Karen was coming over (she lives in Hollywood Florida). I always love when my friends get to meet each other – we had a great evening – the four of us. I miss Karen being close but loved getting that time with her. We stayed up late and then headed to bed.

I got up early to tell Karen by and then once again we enjoyed the hot tub and pool. We went to the beach on Thursday and just relaxed. My skin was starting to get red so massive amounts of sunscreen was needed. It was worth it and beautiful. We left the beach and went to dinner at Pinchers. Enjoyed time with Monterry and Tosin. The food was just okay. I was tired walking around in the boot – so wish I could have came without it but following doctor’s orders.

Tosin went back on Friday and Monterry and I just hung out at the airbnb – enjoying what it had to offer. We then watched the entire series, “The Girl in the Window next to the Woman in the House.” It became better by episode and we laughed about the amount of wine the start drank – she would pour her glass full. The ending – unexpected. Then, on Saturday we were going to go to Fishermen’s village yet Monterry didn’t want to drive that far, so we just went to the shops near the beach and got ice cream. When we go back we will shop more – I’d love to go to the Esplanade area. My boot just got the best of me. We then drove by the condo we stayed at on our honeymoon before heading back to the Airbnb.

Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed each other and didn’t do much at all. Just the hot tub and pool and book and TV (not in any specific order). We took some items back to the store and then watched some more TV.

On Monday we left. But before leaving we dropped by Alvin’s to buy the hummingbird ornaments (one for me and one for my sister) in memory of our mom.

We got to the airport to find out our flight was delayed. We would make it to JFK airport in New York but would miss our connecting flight. We spent the night at JFK – hardly any sleep at all. We then flew the next morning to Minneapolis (loved this airport – it had so much: comfy seating and an art gallery). We enjoyed a late breakfast there and waited to board. We got on the flight – we weren’t sitting together this time. I was in the very back and someone didn’t show so I had the whole seat for me and my boot – perfect yet as we flew in the air I wished Monterry was with me in the back – if something were to happen I’d want to be with him.

We landed and booked an Uber. Our driver David was hilarious. Originally from Brooklyn, Puerto Rico decent – he shared his story and what brought him to Indiana. He was delightful. Home at last. Rejuvenated. Traveling and relaxing was the perfect vacation this time around.

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