Relaxation, Memories, and Love #SOL22 #Day31

Sitting outside at our rental in Marco Island by the pool listening to the small waterfall brings me comfort. This week of relaxation has been needed in ways that I cannot even describe. As I sit here, I think about how much my mom would have loved this place. She, like me, would have been the first one up and outside enjoying the beauty.

We flew in Monday and have only left the rental to go to the store and to eat out on our anniversary. Everything we need is right here. Everything but the beach.

We are heading to the beach today – me in a boot to protect my fractured foot. I’ll hobble on the sand and I’m sure at times it will hurt but the ocean will make it worth it. As I walk my mom will be with me. She loved the beach and the sand and collecting sea shells. We found bags and bags of saved sea shells and sand in her apartment from her trips to Panama City Beach and Gulf Shores with family. One day my sister and I and our families plan to get a condo and decorate it with all the seashells we found and with the seashell decor that was in her house – some of it never opened or used. She had plans for it but not the energy to make it happen.

Mom – we will make it happen for you. And every time we go to the condo we know you will be there.

Today will be another day of not doing much and just enjoying my time off with my husband and friend Tosin who joined us. Today, our beach trip will be exactly what I need. Today I will have another day of memories to hold close to my heart. Today I will explore the beauty of the world that God created in peace knowing my mom is with Him. Today.

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