Remembering our Moms on our Anniversary #SOL22 #Day29

Today is our anniversary – Monterry and I have had 9 beautiful years together. We also had almost 9 beautiful years with both of our mommas. You see, Monterry’s mom passed on MLK Jr Day this year and my mom passed on Feb 11th. We know they both are saying “Happy Anniversary” from above. So today, I share our memories of our mommas from this very special day in our life.

There are memories of both shopping for their dresses. My mom and I went to several places and ended up buying the one she were at Macy’s. We had so much fun looking and trying to find what would be just right for her. I now have the dress she wore hanging up in my closet at home – not sure what I will do with it but I plan to cherish it – a memory to keep. I remember talking to Monterry’s mom on the phone. What size are you? She wasn’t sure so I bought her a few dresses to choose from. She wasn’t able to see well and wasn’t getting out as much so phone call it was. A few hours shopping and voila a few dresses to choose from.

His mom needed to be picked up and brought to the wedding. I remember Monterry wanting to do it and I was so nervous he would be late but it was important for him to pick up his mom and her be there with us. So he took the dresses, helped her get ready and they arrived with plenty of time. I got to see her before I had my dress on. She was so happy – her smile is forever etched in my heart.

While he was getting his mom, mine was busy helping. She had made snacks for everyone to have while we got ready. I remember the first time she saw me that day and my photographer caught the moment. It was beautiful. My reaction – her smile – memories of our love.

Then the time came for us to walk down the aisle. Sylvia (my mom) and Rosie (Monterry’s mom) lit the candles and sat down. They were there with us – their faces lit up.

The reception was fun. Of course, talking to so many people we didn’t have a lot of time to talk with them – but they talked with family and friends. And they both said they had fun.

That night, they stayed at our house while we stayed downtown Indy. When everyone woke up the next day, we went to Le Peeps for breakfast. Monterry took his mom back and all my family went home. We had time to look at all of our gifts and start thank you’s. We did not leave for Marco Island (where we are celebrating now) until Monday as we wanted to be with mom on Easter – holidays were important to her.

Our memories from this day are strong of family and friends yet our mom’s being there will also be vivid as we continue to remember them on our anniversary.

3 thoughts on “Remembering our Moms on our Anniversary #SOL22 #Day29

  1. First, I am sorry for your double loss this winter, but I am glad you have channeled your losses in to memories of a special moment. I am sure they are now with you on Marco Island….Happy Anniversary.

  2. It’s so hard to lose people you love, and especially your moms, and even more so, so close together. . I love that you are celebrating them with lots and lots of happy memories. I lost my mom in December and it’s been hard.

  3. Happy anniversary. Sorry for your loss. Mothers are very special, memories of them stay with us. It’s so special having had them both present on your big day. Thanks for sharing the beautiful memories and photographs with us.

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