Feeling close to you today #SOL22 #Day15

Today a friend shared that her dad had passed. My heart ached having recently lost my mom and the waterfall of tears just started to stream. Little things will make me cry, but this news was like I had been struck by lightning again – a jolt of emotions moving through my body just thinking of my dear friend and the heartache she was experiencing.

I had no words at all – just love to give. Her news hasn’t left my mind all day and yet her news made me feel closer to my mom in heaven. I imagined her being with me as I heard the news and she gave me a hug. I vividly saw her riding with me on my scooter at work (yes, scooter – me and my broken foot). I pictured her on the front of my basket as we glided around the corner – thankful I couldn’t go fast enough to use the breaks. I saw her in the front row as I presented to the board tonight. Then, when I got home and had my “driving shoe” that would stabilize my foot so I could drive – she was with me in the passenger seat as I drove in the neighborhood to make sure I felt comfortable to drive to work tomorrow. She was with me every step of the way.

I know what it means to not have a loved one but that loved one still is with you. Her love in my heart and her image in my head. My advice to my friend will be to let every memory flow in and out. Let it hurt. Let it be sad. Be okay with how you feel and recognize that her dad is with her – in her heart and mind. Hold on to those memories and write… write as much as you can so the good, the bad, and the ugly can go down in history and be there for you to revisit time and time again.

My day with my mom was beautiful – I know she was smiling and enjoying the ride.

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