Last night #SOL22 #Day6

Last night my sister, her husband and I sat at one of your favorite spots, The Willard, and we enjoyed the cheese curds you loved and savored the pizza. We had some belly laughs going down memory lane and recognizing your impact.

From the trailer park, to the BIG house, to being homeless, to the apartment – the one constant was your love and care for us.

From having everything to having nothing, your love endured.

From driving everywhere to walking everywhere, you made sure we had what we needed.

From cheese on the porch, sneaking into the big “white” room, falling down the stairs, “accidentally” kicking my sister doing a back walkover, breaking the gum ball machine, fighting in St. Louis, watching your soap operas, taking us shopping, working at Marsh, decorating cakes – our memories of you flowed.

Though you are not physically with us these are the the things we think about and talk about. Both the good and the bad; the sad and the funny. These are the things that made us who we are and we cherish them greatly.

Mom – you were the glue that kept us together and you are still are the glue that keeps us together. You don’t have to be right by our side for this to happen, you are in our hearts. Love you.

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