Strength – A Part of Your Legacy #SOL22 #Day 2

Mom – you never talked about it much but I knew;

The wreck you were in made you strong and us girls strong too.

You saw the light, yet remained on earth.

You were told you would never walk again, but you showed them.

You were told you wouldn’t have kids, but you did.

You overcame something that I can’t even imagine.

I think about the inconvenience of my broken foot right now and then I think of you.

If you could overcome all of that, this is trivial in comparison.

Mom – I knew you were strong. This is just one of the many examples of your strength.

Your strength lives on in us girls. Your strength is part of your legacy.

2 thoughts on “Strength – A Part of Your Legacy #SOL22 #Day 2

  1. I love how you wrote this and I love your message. I am so thankful my mom is such a strong woman because I have needed that example in my life. I also love that I am modeling and passing that strength down to my own children! Thanks for sharing your slice!

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