Spring Break #SOL21 #Day26

So many people looking forward to some time off. Time to travel. Time to sleep. Time to meet up with friends.

I look forward to those things too but I mostly look forward to having some time at work: to just read, think and plan with hardly any meetings.

A day for me is moving from one topic to the next, working to keep the conversations organized, making list of things to do for others so that our work gets done. I love every minute of this – problem solving and thinking with others; yet every meeting gives me more to do.

Spring break is a time where I will take some time off, yet will also be in the office checking off items on the list, catching up on grant work, and doing some long term planning. I will also get to read in order to help with the planning work.

Spring break is a time where I will feel as though I can be more thoughtful and slow down just a bit before the end of the school year speeds up.

Spring break will come and go, yet for two weeks I will be thankful for the time I have to just get things done.

This Friday night I will be dreaming of the productivity that is to come.

3 thoughts on “Spring Break #SOL21 #Day26

  1. Wow! Your reason for looking forward to Spring Break is certainly different from most people’s! Kudos to you for your productivity. But you get two weeks off for Spring Break? You’re really lucky! 🙂 ~JudyK

  2. Yay! A little time to rest and relax – or even just catch up. There’s something about unstructured time and the ability to tackle things when it works. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like a great break! We have two weeks to go until our week off and I know I will definitely do some work too, but I look forward to making my own schedule for the days! Enjoy the slower pace.

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