My Husband, our House Chef #SOL21 #Day17

Today, at lunch, I warmed up my spaghetti to eat in the 7 minutes that I had before my next meeting. I was shoving the noodles in my mouth when I suddenly felt such deep gratitude for the food I was eating. Gratitude, because my husband had cooked, I had a delicious meal to eat. For a brief minute I sat there and thought, wow, I am one lucky woman.

I am so thankful that my husband loves to cook because it is not something that brings me joy. He loves thinking about the new recipes, the ingredients he will use and how he will change it up the next time he makes it. I don’t thank him enough for sharing his joy of cooking with me on a regular basis.

I wish I did like to cook. I will cook, but I don’t like it. He gets such a thrill trying a new sauce or spice. I just find it annoying to try something new. If it were up to me we would eat the same thing all the time. So not only am I thankful for the food but for the variety he has brought to my life.

Before Monterry, I mainly at chicken or pizza. I didn’t like most things but slowly he has helped me broaden my choices and expand my tastebuds. Now I will eat salsa, hot sauce, and more.

I’ve gently nudged him to consider culinary school, yet he loves cooking as a hobby – not as his career. So, I am blessed that he loves cooking for the two of us, for family members, and for friends. I get to enjoy all the goodness of his hard work in the kitchen. I am so thankful for him and I don’t tell him that enough. When I stop writing and he’s off the phone with his cousin, I will be expressing my gratitude.

2 thoughts on “My Husband, our House Chef #SOL21 #Day17

  1. I know the feeling! My husband is a chef who did not go to culinary school but was trained by cooking at his father’s side. He cooks every night and grocery shops too. I am not high maintenance, but he treats me like a queen. We’ve been married 40 years, and I know I took him for granted for many of those years. Now I thank him every night after dinner. I always say that we should all use our talents and follow our passions – cooking isn’t mine!! Bon Appetit!

  2. Definitely share this slice with him. It is lucky, indeed to have someone who loves doing something that benefits you as well. I know that 7 minute food shovel all too well:(

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