black alarm clock at 10:10 on white wooden table near table

In my 20’s I went to bed around 2-3am…

In my 30’s that changed to 11pm-12am…

In my 40’s I’m lucky to stay up to 10pm…

Tonight… it’s past my bedtime and I’m barely making the deadline for the #SOL entry today. Yet knowing I committed to writing every day this month and taking part in this challenge I knew I had to pull my computer out to make it happen.
So here, I write, past my bedtime knowing that tomorrow morning will come soon and another day will begin. Ending my day with writing is starting to become a habit even though my eyes are droopy and tired. Thankful for this nudge into writing and glad to join this community. I now need to be better at reading what others are writing (but I am always so tired when I sit down to write) yet planning to spend time this weekend losing myself in others words.

Now, it’s time for bed.

3 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. Your writing is raw and honest like a diary entry here. I appreciate that.

    I have shifted some of my other reading/social media time to make room for slicing and responding and, honestly, I’m much better for it! Good luck to you, I know you’ll find some life in it in the days ahead! The challenge is real!

  2. Writing daily definitely takes discipline, but it’s such a great experience! Great intro to this slice-it really hooked me into the piece. I’m also a late night slicer, and I often go back and read/make comments the next day on the other late-night slicers from the day before.

  3. I have also dialed back my bedtimes and I was never much of a night owl- my problem is my internal clock still wakes me up too early if I go to bed late. I love the idea of losing yourself in others’ words this weekend!

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