Good bye Binary Thinking

Binary thinking.

This OR That. Yes OR No. Right OR Wrong. Black OR White. Blue OR Red.

All of these simplify life, ignoring the nuances and complexity of the world we live in.

Binary thinking.

Narrow minded. Limited perspective. Short sighted. Not flexible.

All of these are barriers to opening up a world we never even knew existed.

Binary thinking.

Problematic. Scary. Dangerous.

All of these feelings cause us to hide from the possibilities.

Binary thinking.

Serves no one well. Be open to the myriad of ideas. Be curious and learn.

Good bye binary thinking… open up to the world and love the grey!

4 thoughts on “Good bye Binary Thinking

  1. What great points! I have always been someone who lives in the grey. Most of my life – especially the last few years – I have wished I was a binary thinker. It just seems so much, as you remind, simpler. It doesn’t require someone to think or to listen. As you point out, binary thinking serves no one. Go grey!

  2. I’ve never thought of it this way. But you’re right. It does limit our perspective. I think I need to work on how I think a little more. Thank you for making me stop and think!

  3. Ooh, you are addressing a big issue here! I feel like this should come with experience and revising your own opinions, but clearly, it does not. I wrote recently about “I used to think” and that helped me see where I had shifted. Is this where your blog name comes from? Being open and curious is definitely how we all grow (and I never thought of it as loving the grey/gray).

    1. Yes, love the grey is a phrase I’ve used for about 7 years now. When I took my current position, thinking about how we embrace the messiness of learning – I started using love he grey as a saying – that we can’t just think it’s black and white – there is a lot of grey when it comes to learning.

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