A small nudge into writing…

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Sometimes life is so hectic that you don’t make time for the things you love. Well, you make time for some of them but not all of them. And that’s okay… ebbs and flows exist in life and dancing in coordination with that movement is important if we are to move forward.

Well, one of the things for me that has fallen to the side for me is taking time to write. I love writing yet it is the last thing on my mind when I’m trying to do a million things at work, get my workouts in (fitness is another love of mine) and then spending time with my husband, family, and friends. Writing is one of those things that I say I will come back to and do someday… I dream of writing more and sharing more. I have lofty goals to blog more regularly (you will see how NOT successful that has been for me) yet barriers exist and I think well I’ll do it tomorrow, or next weekend, or next month, or maybe next year.

So when the Slice of Life Challenge came along this year, I decided not to be someone watching others write, I will join and commit to writing each day in March. Can I make it happen? I’ve been able to hop on the treadmill for the past 8 weeks every morning before work – new habit created. So now it’s time to focus on the habit of writing – because much like my workouts, writing brings me joy and comfort. It helps me reflect, make meaning in life, and just live in my story.

So, yes, writing everyday. I can do this – signed up yesterday and then today happened. All day happened. I hopped in bed, pulled out my computer to do some work, and saw the email. I almost missed the first day. Thoughts ran through my head… maybe I shouldn’t do this. What if I can’t commit. But, yes, I will commit.

So I read the directions, log into word press, see about 5 unfinished posts but decided today I just write about not writing and wanting to write (I will finish those posts later as a part of this challenge). Today is the soft start to my writing journey. Today is when I begin to put my thoughts out there. Today is the day I write. Today is the day I start to build a habit.

Thank you to the Slice of Life challenge for the nudge – the one that I needed to bring writing back into my life.

2 thoughts on “A small nudge into writing…

  1. Yes! Today happened and you put words down anyway! Good for you for stepping up to another challenge! I can promise you that this will challenge you (year 7 and still feel quite challenged!). These lines: “writing brings me joy and comfort. It helps me reflect, make meaning in life, and just live in my story” especially spoke to me. Yahoo for last minute reminders!

  2. So glad you’re here! You’ll find that in addition to the nudge of purpose, you’ve joined an encouraging community who will make you want to keep writing! And look at you – you already have those drafts ready to get you going on the hard days! 🙂

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